Monday, August 13, 2007

Big Cats and Meteors

I thought the first thing I would share would be something that seems simple but when I think about it is actually pretty amazing.
I was waiting for the meteor shower to begin on Saturday night, clear sky, not too much ambient light and a great view from my deck in the Zoo. I was patient waiting for any sign in the clear night sky and sure enough I saw two meteors shoot across the sky in mere seconds. It was then the African Lions began roaring and the Siberian Tigers called back and the unique sound of the Snow Leopard came through the night and amidst this call of the wild in my back yard four more meteors shot across the sky. This is when it came to me how special things I take for granted are, standing in the dark among the tree tops watching meteors streak across the sky with the sound of animals roaring, each with their own special sound I can pick each one out. What was simple suddenly seemed so much more.

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