Monday, August 27, 2007

Last Week Of Zoo Camp and Summer Students

This is the last week for our Junior Zoo Keeper Day Camp. I know that next Monday will be a quiet one here in the zoo. Believe it or not I will miss the sounds of all the kids when they arrive on Monday morning so excited and enthusiastic. This does not mean we will not be busy, now is the time of year we begin preparing for our fall activities. We will be holding a Volunteer Recruitment in September ( near the end but give us a call at the zoo or email after the long weekend and we will have a date set). Of course recruitment means training sessions so they will also have to be set up. We will also begin our plans for our Halloween Haunted Zoo that is held every hear the weekend before Halloween and we will be adding some new twists for you this year so keep and eye on the web site for upcoming news in October.

Sadly to say this will also be the last week of our summer students, and we will miss then greatly. For my husband Len and I it may be a selfish reason as it means we are back to our curfew of 4:00 PM. Yes you read that right, we have to be in the zoo by 4:00 PM everyday now until the students arrive next summer. During the summer months we are allowed out together until 8:00 PM and can even go out to supper. I know that right now some of you are thinking are we crazy? Maybe we are, but this is the life we chose and this is the commitment we have made. Most of the time it is pretty nice and we have shared quiet walks through the zoo together after everyone is gone, and it is here that we find our passion and belief in this Zoo has not changed since we moved in so many years ago. Maybe my next blog will be the beginning, for to understand where the zoo is now we sometimes have to look to the past. Thanks for joining me. Hope you have a great week. For now it is time for me to get back to work :-)

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