Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back Home at the Zoo

Well we are back in the Cherry Brook Zoo and it sure feels good to be home. The plane ride home was something else and we landed at the Saint John airport amid a raging rain storm with high winds and fog. I didn't even see the runway coming just seemed to drop right out of the sky with our midnight landing. My admiration to the pilot who landed us safely back home. After a week in Vancouver, BC the day we left the sun finally came out at the airport as we were ready to leave. Had been hearing from everyone how nice the weather back home was but it seems we brought the Vancouver weather with us. Finally arriving back at the zoo at 1:00 AM we were given a wonderful greeting by our dogs who seemed happy to have us back. I have to say I missed the sounds of the zoo at night and despite the weather the sounds of the lions roaring and the tigers answering were much more normal to us than the sound of traffic in downtown Vancouver. The pile or work waiting for me does not discourage me at all, it's back to living in the zoo for me. We are getting ready for our Halloween Haunted Zoo this weekend so be sure you check out the rest of the website for info. As for me I am still stuck between BC and NB time zones so think I will call it a night. Just happy to be back in Saint John, New Brunswick a place where it's home and though it is nice to travel and see other places Saint John and the Cherry Brook Zoo are the place s where I belong.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda, I found your Web site as I'm completing a survey (I get frequent flyer miles to complete surveys online) and I was asked if I had been to a zoo in the past year. I have! Yours! Take care and it sounds like you have a great job there!

Liz Dorsett