Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Halloween Special Event

Well I began Friday morning watching the sun come up with Gary Mittleholtz ,from CBC Radio's Information Morning, at the Zoo. He came out to chat about Accreditation and our Callimico Goldie's and of course our Haunted Zoo taking place this weekend. We also had a visit from CBC Television to take a few shots of our preparations. It seems that CBC does read this blog, which makes me wonder how many people do. I have received a few emails that people are enjoying our new web site and the blog. Please feel free to make a comment anytime. I also hope you understand that this is a new site for us and we are on a learning curve so please bear with us.

Friday night the Cherry Brook Zoo was filled with people taking our Haunted Zoo Tours and as a fund raiser by our volunteers it was heartening to see the line ups at the door. For me it was also wonderful to see so many volunteers taking part and making this event work. I will let you know how the rest of the weekend goes and how much funds we raise doing this weekend event. I will also try and figure out how many volunteers it took so you will have an idea of how much work goes into an event such as this. Just in case you missed it on our web pages we are still running our Haunted Tours tonight (Saturday) and again tomorrow night (Sunday). Tours begin at 6:00 PM and last tour is 8:00 PM and they run on the half hour. It seems to me that everyone here truly enjoyed themselves last night and hopefully we did scare some of you. Okay from the sounds of the screams in the zoo I think we did make an impression. Our zoo has become filled with things that go bump in the dark and creatures wander the pathways and you never know what may pop out. I hope those of you who haven't made it out yet will come join us over this weekend.

As for me I have been busy gathering my potions for our Witches Brew at the end of the tours. Just a dash of this and that to warm you up before you go on your way.

I would like to say how grateful I am to so many people putting so much effort into this event, we couldn't do it without you.

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