Monday, October 29, 2007

Scary Brook Zoo

Well we did it, another Halloween at the Cherry Brook Zoo. I know for most of you Halloween hasn't arrived yet, but here at the zoo it arrives early every year the weekend before Halloween night. As you may have read our Friday night tours were a great success, but on Saturday as show time arrived so did the rain. I thought that this would be a quiet night but to my great surprise many people showed up for the Haunted Zoo Tours. It just goes to show you how wonderful people are and despite the rain and wind they all had a great time. One more night, Sunday, and we would have made it through another Halloween. At 5:30 PM people were lining up at the door and at the Main Entrance were just myself and Len wondering where all the volunteers were and honestly beginning to get a little nervous. But as usual our volunteers came through. But what a night. The people just kept streaming in, some coming in groups of fifty at a time. With a limited number of volunteers that night and only three tour guides we wondered how we would accommodate the growing numbers of people. We ran out of supplies for my Witches Brew and suckers for the kids, but managed to get them in time for the tour coming out and the people were still lining up. We had tours leaving every fifteen minutes there were so many people. It was crazy just trying to keep up, but keep up we did. The last tour at 8:00 PM was so large we had to split it into three groups. What a night and by far the busiest we have ever had.

Thanks to the people who came out for our Halloween event over the weekend our volunteers raised over $6,000.00 for the Zoo. But to be truthful it was our volunteers and staff that came out every night that made this event a success. They were here from beginning to end and each has a story to tell about their part and there was a lot of laughter and enthusiasm from all of them. They stayed through the rain and wind and cold and made this event not only a success in raising funds for the zoo but in showing how much they truly care. For me personally their generousity and spirit only reinforces how much this zoo means to them. Thank You seems inadequate but these two words are said with my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of them. I don't have a full number of how many people were here for us but as soon as I do I will pass it on. I hope that you understand how important you are to the Cherry Brook Zoo and to us, for without you we could never have done it. I also want to thank you for the laughter and support, it is not only that you were here but you were here in the true spirit of volunteering and sharing your stories and laughter truly means a lot to me. You made this more than just a special event and fund raiser, you made it fun. In fact I am already thinking of new ideas for next year!

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