Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're in Vancouver

Well hi from beautiful downtown Vancouver. We are out of the Cherry Brook Zoo and into a hotel. To be honest it is a little different waking up in a hotel room with all the traffic sounds compared to waking up in the zoo with what we consider normal animal sounds. Sure miss those sounds I can tell you. The time change is also difficult to adjust to as well, four hours earlier on the East Coast which means we see the sun long before they do out here. But I don't think we will be seeing the sun while we are here as so far the weather is calling for rain every day up until Sunday and then we'll see. I did hear it is sunny at the Cherry Brook Zoo though and that makes me miss it even more. Looking down from the balcony at the hotel it seems every person in Vancouver carries an umbrella.

Rain or no rain we are heading out to find the conference hotel to register for the National Canadian Zoos and Aquariums Conference so time to put on the trench coat and head out.

Will write more later tonight now that I have the inter net working on my laptop.

I do have to add that I miss my dogs terribly, two Boxers Boo my senior girl is at home at the zoo but Bane my one year old today is at Muldoon's Kennels run by one of our zoo keepers until we come back. I hope he is doing okay.

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