Thursday, October 18, 2007

Zoo's From Across Canada Meet

Well we are here in Vancouver, BC on the West Coast. Yes, it is beautiful here but so different from the East Coast. Never mind the rain, and I do mean rain, it is surprisingly cold. In fact I wish I had brought my winter coat and a pair of gloves. I would like to see a survey done of people that live in Vancouver to see if they ever leave home without an umbrella. When I look down from the balcony of the hotel it is a sea of umbrellas. I have to say I miss the Bay of Fundy and the beautiful fall colours that are blazing right now. It makes me appreciate where I live even more.

Well I guess I should explain what we are doing here on the West Coast. We are attending the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums national conference. We have attended a few sessions and workshops and have a few new ideas to take home with us just from the first day. We have met with our counterparts from zoos all across Canada and it gives us a chance to talk about what is happening and how they see things in their perspective. We always find that we get the most out of these conferences just from gathering and talking. We had sent some material on what the Cherry Brook Zoo did for our first annual National CAZA week last July. The committee was pretty impressed with our presentation and the idea of a barbecue seems to be a big hit and will be shown to all the delegates at our National AGM later this week. I guess that proves that you don't have to be big to have great ideas.

Well time to get back to sessions, but I will be keeping in touch and let you know more about our visit and the conference. Before I go I would like to thank everyone back home for making it possible for us to be here without worrying.

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