Monday, November 5, 2007

The Storm That Didn't Come

Well I guess everyone was on high alert for the storm predicted last Saturday. I know that we tied down anything we could, removed anything we thought might blow away and then did a lock down of all the animals at the Zoo. We had a Birthday Party scheduled for Saturday afternoon and they were uncertain about being able to hold it. For many moments in time our whole concentration and efforts were put into making our animals safe and preparing for the worst. For those of us living in Saint John, New Brunswick I can only say we seem to be in one of the best areas around. We caught just the tail end of this storm that has done so much damage and destruction. Here we once again did not experience the torrential downpours and damaging winds that many other areas encountered. Yes it rained and yes it was windy but it was just a storm, no more and no less. The Birthday Party came anyway despite the fact that we had ordered no birthday cake, no food and had no tour guide for their party. They were just happy to be able to have the party at the zoo. Thanks to Marthe and Warren we managed to make this party a great one as they treated the guests with a visit from Penny the Llama and the Birthday Girl received a special ride in the cart with our Miniature Horses. All in all a good outcome for everyone concerned.

On a different note our DeBrazza Monkey's had a quarrel and Gwennie ended up with quite a cut on her hand. What is unusual is that it is normally Gwennie the young female that is being the bully to Outlaw our male. I guess Outlaw decided he had better stick up for himself and as he normally doesn't I guess Gwen got hurt in the process. She did get to visit the veterinarian Dr. Adams who put a number of stitches in her hand and she is on medication to make sure of no infection. Gwen is back home at the zoo resting quite comfortably in her recovery area and Outlaw is sitting in his enclosure most likely wondering what went wrong. We do hope these two will kiss and make up as we would very much like to see some babies in the future. I wonder if flowers would help? I will keep you updated on " The Young and The Nestless " as we follow their courtship. Wish us luck, I think we may need it. As you can see from the photo above poor Outlaw doesn't know quite what to do

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