Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well to say it has been busy is an understatement. Since getting back from Vancouver we have held our Halloween Haunted Zoo which was a smashing success. Then it was on to getting our budget proposal to the City of Saint John, it is the first time we have sent in a request for funding since our budget was cut in 2002 so it was like doing it for the first time all over again. The bad news is I haven't heard back from them at all but I am always optimistic. So keep your fingers crossed, or better yet send an email and help us support the Zoo.

Then it was getting prepared for winter and of course making sure Gwen the DeBrazza monkey was doing just fine. I guess it is a bit of a trial separation for Outlaw and Gwen and we will be getting them back together pretty soon. Now we are working on transporting out one of our surplus Callimico marmosets, the tiny black monkey, that is part of our species survival plan. What a time to get this animal transported from Saint John to Quebec. We have had tests done and then more tests but we think we are close. Of course we had to get our permit to transport from the government as well so it looks like all may be ready to go. The next problem is waiting to see how the weather is going to be as we have to have the crate in Moncton at 4:30 AM sometime next week. Just waiting to see how the weather goes and if this coast to coast storm really hits us on Monday. Wish us luck as there is a deadline when they stop transport of animals in early December. The picture shows veterinarina Dr. Tompkins, assistant Charity and staff doing a health exam on the female Callimico and drawing blood to be sent for testing.

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