Thursday, April 17, 2008

Municipal Election

Please take the time to read this and the information on the meetings. I am trying to line up people who will commit to being at each of the meetings so please let me know if you can do that. I am also hoping that many of you will contact each candidate and ask about funding for the zoo. If enough people ask about the Cherry Brook Zoo maybe the new Mayor and Council will realize how important it is to all citizens and that would help us with budget in the fall.

I am writing to all of you to ask for your help on behalf of the animals of the Cherry Brook Zoo. I am sure you are aware that there is a municipal election coming in the near future and with your help we should be able to contact every candidate regardless of what ward they represent. As supporters of the zoo, past, present and future I am asking you to go to a meeting - the schedule is below - and ask each candidate if elected will they be willing to return funding to the Cherry Brook Zoo. We need to know where each and every one stands in regard to the zoo. Just saying they support it is not enough, we need the city's financial support as well. You do not have to live in Saint John, or in any particular ward to call, got to the meeting or contact those people who will be our future Mayor and Council. The zoo is for all communities and if you can make it know that the zoo is not only wanted, but needed it may make all the difference to our future.

If you can attend one of the meetings please let me know - if you can call the list of each and every candidate - also below and ask them how they will support the zoo if elected - please let me know. If you can write to the Telegraph Journal to and ask these questions please let me know.

We now have a chance to make our voices heard, but only if we are willing to take action. Before the election we need to ask these questions and know how each candidate would financially support the zoo ... we asked for 1/14 of 1% of the city budget to ensure the Cherry Brook Zoo not only remains as a part of our communities but can enhance and grow. So much could be accomplished with operational funding from our city so please take the time to let them know our Zoo is important.

Please pass this message on to everyone you know and ask them to become a voice for the zoo. Thank you so much for any support you can give and for taking the time to support us in this extremely important time. Feel free to contact me with any questions or information you may need. Sorry about the crooked scan but wanted to get this to everyone I could as soon as possible. If you cannot read the scans below please let me know and I will send the into to you.

On behalf of the animals

Lynda M. Collrin, Director Zoo Development/Primatologist ,Cherry Brook Zoo Inc.
901 Foster Thurston Drive Saint John, NB, E2K 5H9Phone (506) 634-1440 Fax (506) 634-0717

2008 Election Debates

Ward 3 - Central - Wednesday April 23, Saint John Boys and Girls Club (Paul Harris St.) 7-9 PM
Ward 2 North - Sunday April 27, North End Community Centre (Victoria St - 2-4 PM
Ward 1 - West - Tuesday April 29, Branch 69 Legion (Wilson Street) 7-9 PM
Ward 4 - East - Wednesday April 29 Latimore Lake Community Centre (Latimore Lake Rd) 7-9 PM

Mayor's Debate - May 2, St. Malachy's 7-9 PM
Candidates running:
Ivan Court - 693-2008 or
John Ferguson - 652-5646 or
Michelle Hooton - 633-7592 or
Norm McFarlane - 652-6676 or
Mike Richardson - 333-5406 or Facebook key words "Michael New Blood Richardson)

At Large
Stephen Chase - 652-2966 or
Susan Huestis-Toner - 651-4494
Danny Jardine - 333-3711 or
Mark LeBlanc - 640-2791
Rick Mantle - no contact info
Anne-Marie Mullin - 634-8272
Chris Titus - 672-6261 or the click councillors
Albert Vincent - no contact info

Ward 1 –
Owen Boyle - no contact info
Bill Farren - 674-8102 or
Vic Fitzgerald -0 634-8608
Peter McGuire - then click councillors
Kathy E. Rogers -no contact info

Ward 2 - this is where the Cherry Brook Zoo is located
Patricia (Patty) Higgins - no contact info
Debbie McCormack - 634-7362
Gary Sullivan - 6321285 or
Carl White - 650-3320 or then click councillor

Ward 3
Craig Allen -no contact info
Chris Belyea - 650-6451
Jay-Young Chang - 650-2351
Shelia Crouteau - no contact info
Carl Killen - 693-4229 ir
Tony Mowery - no contact info
Kurt Peacock - 333-1489
Christine Saumure - 652-8853
Donnie Snook - 693-8956 or
Carl Trickey - 639-2350

Ward 4
Bruce Court - no contact info
Teresa Debly - no contact into
Kevin Goggan - 646-0896
Carole Keddy - no contact info
Ralph Landers - 652-9512
Joe Mott - 696-9512
James (Jamie) Whelly - 696-7499

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