Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Sorry I haven't been writing lately, with the kidnapping of April the Callimico and her safe return things have gotten away from me. I thought it was time I gave a quick update on what has been happening at the zoo. I promise I will write more often and keep you informed of what we are up to.

Well things are really getting busy around here. School tours are booking in, lots of visitors coming to the zoo, and we are working on a secret project that we hope to announce soon. Hiring students for the summer and trying to get ready for our summer season is keeping us busy as well. April and her family seem to have settled in and are beginning to act normally again, that is such a relief.

We are looking for new primates but that is proving to be a challenge , we have sent a wants and surplus list out to other accredited Canadian zoos. If that doesn't work we will have to widen the search outside of Canada. That will mean a ton of paper work to get animals imported here. One of our female tigers has a really bad ingrown nail that we will have to take care of. We will need to tranquilize her to work on it. This is always a major concern both for our staff and for the animal. This lion is close to twenty years old making it even more difficult. Will keep you updated on what is happening at the zoo

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