Monday, March 30, 2009

Arctic White in the Zoo

The Arctic has moved to New Brunswick with the arrival of our two young Arctic Fox. Why Arctic Fox you ask? for any reasons. We know that climate change is affecting their natural territory with the Red Fox moving further north and claiming more space it makes the Arctic Fox vulnerable. These two snow white tiny pups arrived at the Cherry Brook Zoo without any fanfare, but we feel that they deserve accolades as they will be a breeding pair that will aid in captive populations that may well be the first line of defense for these beautiful creatures. We do not know at this time how much territory they have lost, or will lose in the future if Red Fox continue to move in on their space and the ratio of predator prey becomes unbalanced.

For now we are just pleased that we can play a role in looking to the future survival of this species. Zoos as a safety net are an integral part of our conservation efforts.

Welcome to the Cherry Brook Zoo little ones. We hope to have names for you in the very near future. Any ideas just email us at

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