Friday, June 5, 2009

Baikal Has Left the Building

Well as much as I really did not want Baikal, our magnificent male Siberian Tiger to leave he is on his way to Winnipeg. After a year of paperwork and transport arrangements he is finally on his way West to the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg. Moving an animal of this size is not an easy task but on Wednesday morning we finally accomplished loading a 700 pound animal into a transport crate that weighed 400 pounds and loaded onto a transport trailer. We are grateful to the staff and people who volunteered to help us achieve this monumental task. To our Zoo Vet Dr. Justason thank you for the care you gave to him. Believe me when I say we will not rest easy until we know he has arrived safe and sound at his new home where a female is anxiously awaiting his arrival. We will miss Baikal as he has been a part of our lives here for many years, but the need to preserve these endangered animals outweighs any personal feelings we have. Baikal is on his way to fulfilling his destiny by mating and producing cubs that will hopefully add to a species and continue their existence. One step further in our quest to save a species from extinction. We have been tracking his progress and he has had a stop in Granby Zoo in Quebec where he was checked and given water, then early this morning he stopped at Toronto Zoo and was fed and again watered and is now getting closer to arriving at his new home in Winnipeg. He left Toronto after roaring at some staff there and then settled down for the last leg of his journey to his new life. We will let you know when he has arrived at the Assiniboine Park Zoo as their staff are watching for his arrival and with much fanfare as he deserves. For those of us here at the Cherry Brook Zoo it is a bitter sweet time but we are grateful that we have played a role in this international program to Save the Siberian Tiger. This is not an end but a beginning as we look forward to a young female companion for our senior female tiger Pam. And once again the circle continues with this species as we usher in a new arrival that will call Cherry Brook Zoo home. Make us proud Baikal and we hope one day one of your cubs will be coming back to us. To be continues...

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