Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Thought I would send a quick update on how our male Siberian Tiger Baikal is doing now that he has moved to the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg. The latest is that he has been moved from his temporary enclosure to the permanent one. Baikal and his soon to be mate Kendra are getting to know each other slowly. I guess courting may be an old term but seems appropriate in this situation. They have seen each other through the screen, sniffed and woofed (a good sign as this is a friendly greeting), and I have been told that Kendra will lay as close as she can by the screened in area to be next to Baikal. Sounds promising. This journey for Baikal and Kendra could mean the future survival of this highly endangered species, they will hopefully be adding to the numbers of Siberian Tigers alive in the world. Through a long process and what has to have been one of the most interesting moves on our part we have managed to put these two special animals together. I would like to thank the people of Winnipeg for opening their hearts to Baikal and know that he is where he belongs. As difficult as it was to see him leave the updates and connection from the staff at the Assiniboine Park Zoo make us proud to be a part of this important pairing. Most important is that Baikal is happy, healthy and hopefully soon to meet his fair lady Kendra face to face. I will keep you posted as news is sent to us. I also wanted to thank the people of our communities for understanding how important it was for Baikal to leave us to enter into this new junction of his life. We can only hope that the day will come when perhaps one of Baikal's cubs will come back to the Cherry Brook Zoo. Make us proud Baikal!

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