Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Lions are Roaring

It is 1:30 am and I am sitting here at my computer writing a blog. What is wrong with me you must wonder? Well, I am trying to catch up on things and the only time it is quiet is at 1;00 am in the morning. Well as quiet as the zoo is through the night. The lions are roaring and I can hear them loud and clear, they are answered by the low toned roars of the Snow Leopard and the moaning roar of the Tigers. The fox answer in unison and the peacock makes a racket above all of it. The sounds of hooves on the hard packed ground means the Zebra is making her nightly rounds and the Gnu has finally come out of hiding. Yes, it is a peaceful blend of the night noises that I am so use to hearing and yet at times sit in wonder at the sounds. I guess what I mostly take for granted is something that others may find compelling or even scary, but tonight the sounds of the zoo soothes me and make me realize what wonders we have in our midst. I wonder as the houses build up around us if our neighbours are as comforted by these sounds as I am, or do they wish for silence in the night? I cannot imagine silence, the very thought terrifies me as I have grown so accustomed to my nightly music blended into the sounds of wind and rain. Yes, it is a comforting sound that moves my heart as I understand how important it is that these animals that I live with are cared for with dignity, respect and most of all survival. Silence to me means we have failed to save a species from extinction, or to teach someone how important the works of nature are. So if you live in my neighbourhood please revel in the sounds that come to you in the darkness, for you hear the music of creatures large and small that can soothe your soul and lull you to sleep.

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KJ McLean said...

What a beautiful post, Lynda. Thank you so much for sharing something so wonderfully personal.