Sunday, July 26, 2009


At least the snow has gone!

I can't believe it's not sunny today. The weather station promises sun but it's overcast and cloudy and does not feel like summer at all. For us, at the zoo, it has been difficult as we depend on spring and summer to bring in lots of visitors to help get us through those winter months.

All spring we said it must be going to be a good summer, now here we are nearing the end of
July and so far it has not been good. Even getting hay has been difficult, we can't get hay when
it rains and we need at least two days of steady sun before we can go pick it up. That means we
need three days of sun and those have been few and far between so far. Even though we are
open year round the spring and summer are the times we have the most visitors and we have
a short season as it is. The animals even react to this weather, what is supposed to be the time of year they are out and about they seem to have accepted the rain better than most of us humans, of course the primates would really appreciate some sun.
If anyone sees the sun please let me know, maybe we can go get a load of hay. Just so everyone doesn't feel too bad I am putting in a picture that will ease some of the depression .... at least we don't have to clear pathways. OH LET THE SUNSHINE IN - PLEASE!

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