Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is a picture of my two Boxers - Boo with the grey face and Bane the really big puppy. Boo will be 12 years old in October and Bane is two and a half, he weighs in at 85 pounds. They live in the zoo too so I thought it would be nice if you could see the zoo dogs.

Well, it's official, we have had the rainiest July in history. Not good for numbers of people visiting the zoo or wanting to play miniature golf. We are holding our own in this summer of wet, and the weeds are growing like crazy, more than I can say for my tomatoe plants on the back deck. I don't think I will be having fresh tomatoes this year, but they struggle along with a few green tomatoes in the hope that the sun will stay out long enough to turn them red. It is difficult for us for we depend on summer to be our busiest season that will bring in enough money to help get us through the long winter months so it is worrisome. I guess all we can hope for is a good August and even saying that I know rain is in our forecast. Despite the rain we have had our Zoo Camps filled every week, visitors come rain or shin (just not as many in the rain) and when the sun does decide to come out we are really busy. So now I hope for a beautiful fall when the zoo is in all its splendor and the animals are more active than the lazy days of summer.

Soon I will be back to my regular curfew of 4:30 in the afternoon, yes that is my curfew for fall, winter and spring and for a glorious two months I get to go out until 8:00 pm. I know it sounds awful to many people but it is how we (my husband and I) have lived for thirty years, it is just our way of life and to be honest it is nice to be able to sit on our back deck among the tree tops and listen to the sounds of the zoo. The fall is my favourite time when the air is just a little cooler and the animals are more active, we sit and drink coffee and hear the pounding of hooves, the cries of the birds, the chatter of foxes and of course the roars of lions, tiger and snow leopards. Mixed among these are our own native animals with squirrels running through the trees, loons calling before they leave us for the winter and the hoot of the night owls. It is a time when we can gaze at the night sky and see it so clearly. Yes, summer has sped by us like a blink of the eye, but there is so much more to look forward to. That is one of the joys of living in a zoo.

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