Saturday, October 31, 2009


A few pictures of David Copperfield at the Cherry Brook Zoo. The one below shows Lucas as he shows his excitement at the visit

Happy Halloween to everyone. Today we have a very magical visitor to the Cherry Brook Zoo. A quiet, unassuming man called to ask if he could have a tour of the zoo before he headed out to his next appearance. Yes, non other than David Copperfield came for a tour of the zoo today. As we walked through the zoo he had a number of questions and was very interested in our primates and the Vanished Kingdom. We were called the night before and asked if we minded giving a tour of the zoo to Mr. Copperfield, to be asked such a question has only proven to us that this gentle man who has been seen by millions is a thoughtful individual. It was a nice quiet day at the zoo and the tour was relaxed and I hope for him a short time of personal space that was an opportunity to just be himself. To say we enjoyed his visit does not do justice to how impressed we were with both the talented magician and illusionist, but the man himself. He was gracious enough to sign a few autographs and to have a few pictures taken. After a long night of weaving his magic spell in two shows in Saint John, NB we are pleased that he chose to spend some of his precious free time at the Cherry Brook Zoo among the animals and with us. A better Halloween surprise we could not imagine. His visit certainly made this a special day for us and maybe for just a little while we may have felt like kids again in the presence of this magical personality. For me it was an honour to have him here to spend time with us and his sincere interest only served to make us more passionate about what we do and has inspired us to continue to work to make the Cherry Brook Zoo the best it can be. Our citizens can take pride in their zoo and the possibilities that it can bring to them. This special visitor to our zoo certainly made us realize that you can dare to dream and it can be a reality. To Mr. Copperfield we truly enjoyed our time with you and thank you for your interest and hope that you may have taken some little bit of our zoo with you in your journey. As you can see from the pictures the animals were just as interested in David Copperfield as he was in them.

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