Saturday, August 28, 2010


I know it has been some time since I have written but sometimes life just doesn't give you enough time to do all the things you want to do. It's been a pretty good summer here at the zoo and lots of things have happened and many yet to come. We are still looking for a female mate for Lucas the Black Handed Spider Monkey and a Debrazza M0nkey. Sure hope we find them soon. As much and I really love the upcoming fall and it beautiful blaze of colours I am also reminded that it signals my worry of funds to get us through those tough winter months that will soon follow. Yes, I am a worrier and always look ahead to the worst case scenario. I guess that way when everything turns out okay I am not disappointed. I have a lot of ideas for the future but to get there I have to take care of the present, and sorry to say it all depends on money. But, don't you worry about that I know that somehow we will be okay. Sometimes I can just go on belief alone and that means I know that people care and will somehow always come through for us. But back to the summer, it was really pretty good and I am hoping the next season will treat us just as well. I have some pictures I am going to add. There is our new refurbished Entrance Sign which is amazing thanks to the talent of Heath Morrell at Ez airbrushing FX. I also wanted to share a couple of shots of our Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow that was done in support of Breast Cancer Research, the four people who took part are wonderful and raised over $1400.00 towards this cause. And last but not least I wanted to share a couple of shots of Tina our female lion caught sitting down after her afternoon siesta and woke up roaring, she is just too funny!

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