Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So you must wonder what a moose, a bear and a rainstorm have in common. Well, as we headed out to Montreal, QC from Saint John, NB to attend the National Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference, we were talking about all the moose fencing along the highway. As we motored along what do we see but a large Moose, yes you guessed it, on the wrong side of the fencing. Now we drive quite a bit through moose country but this is the first one I have really seen standing quietly chewing grass as the traffic rushes by. Interesting considering the conversation we were just having when on the opposite side of the highway what do we see but a black bear, same as the moose on the outside of the fencing and just quietly nibbling on grasses. Well then of course the topic became what if the bear and moose were on the same side of the highway instead of the opposite? The moral of this story is moose to the left and bear to the right and please do not cross the highway. Kind of makes me wonder if either knows how to get inside this fencing? The rain you ask? well that happened just after we saw the moose and bear and it was a downpour that followed us all the way to Montreal. But, after seeing the wildlife on the sides of the highway we decided that those signs really do mean to watch for animals on the road, it is only moose out there.

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