Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wonder Where the Zebra Are

Sounds like a title to a song but I am truly wondering where the zebra are. Finding and

transporting new animals to the zoo may sound easy but believe me when I tell you it's not.

I have been working on bringing in new animals for a long time and finally think I have everything ready and a date of arrival and all the paperwork done and suddenly there's a change in plans. Yes, I have new animals coming to the Cherry Brook Zoo, when will they be here, two months ago. So you must wonder what happened and truthfully so do I, but it is something that occurs more often than not. Finding the perfect animals in order to have breeding stock takes some doing and careful checks must be made, changes at the last minute can cause a back up on delivery. We have found the animals finally, and no I am not going to tell all as that would just ruin the surprise wouldn't it? But it is obvious from the title that Grants Zebra are one of them and yes they will be a breeding pair. Others slowly making their way to Saint John are part of an International Breed Program and are highly endangered species that are being paired up with ones at our zoo. Others are new animals that will also be breeding and still an other will be a mate for one of our lonely males here at the zoo.

So where are they you ask, well it's complicated. A change in animals to ensure a breeding pair, a new species coming again a breeding pair, mates for others that must be suitable and then a delay in transportation has set us back some. Then the discovery of another animal that will be perfect for us, add to that a breakdown and everyone is behind.

What can I say except that I am excited that new animals are coming to the zoo, in the end the delays actually worked in our favour by being able to find a mate for one of our males that was totally unexpected. So it will be the fall before they get here and who know what else I can come up with in that time. It does mean filling out all new paperwork for each animal but it will be worth it now that we finally can begin bringing in breeding animals and once again see babies at the zoo. Yes, it's a good feeling made all that better by anticipation of their arrival.

But before it's too late please come out and say goodbye to Outlaw our male DeBrazza who will be leaving us to go to a new home where he won't be alone. As much as we hate to say goodbye to him we are happy that we have found a place out west where he will be happy. Charlie our Callimico Goeldhi Marmoset will also be leaving soon to join a female at Jungle Cat World in Ontario. He is part of our Species Survival Program and we always knew that he would be moving on to a new place as he got older and soon he will be on his way. Yes, there are lots of changes happening at your zoo so keep in touch to find out what's happening at the zoo.

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