Sunday, October 2, 2011

Zoo People in the Mountains

Well we are just finishing up at the CAZA (Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Conference here in Kicking Horse just outside of Golden, BC. What an amazing venue high in the Rocky Mountains so close to nature. On the door of our building there is a sign saying
Beware! Grizzly and Black Bears have been spotted around the area so please let us know if you see one. You don't see that everyday at your hotel. We are in one of the best known winter resorts and ski area with beautiful mountains surrounding us and Alpine green lakes and rivers abound. The people are friendly, and while not a large metropolis with Golden having a populations base of 4,000 the beauty and the people make up for any lack of emenities. You will find Boo the Grizzly Bear at Kicking Horse Resort high up in on of the plateaus of the mountians. He is the resident Grizzly who stays in a 20 acre preserve on the mountainside. The other ones posted about at the beginning of my blog are his wild counterparts. I cannot say enough about this conference and yes the long days and meetings but in this intimate setting you really got to talk with your zoo peers and friends from the zoos that make up CAZA from coast to coast. A learning experience with great presenters and papers, but more important is making contact with everyone and talking animal care and zoos which is what our lives are about. Last night even gave us a thrilling thunder storm on the mountain and wild rain, it was spectacular. Today is rain and fog which I am hoping will clear up so we can explore more of this beautiful country side. I also have to say how grateful I am that our friend Lena Locke from California made it here to spend some time with us. She is an avid supporter of our zoo and a friend to us that we greatly miss seeing; having her here to share this zoo adventure makes it all that richer. Will post more soon and hopefully have some pictures. In the meantime please visit my home at the Cherry Brook Zoo and if you do tell them I said hi, I'll be home soon and I miss being there. As much as this is an amazing place I miss Saint John, NB and the Bay of Fundy but most of all my family and my other family the animals at the Cherry Brook Zoo.

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