Thursday, November 10, 2011

Animals In The News

Another news article about our new arrivals. I hope this link works for you. Not only do these news articles give you updates on the happenings of the animals at the Cherry Brook Zoo they also talk
about how important the breeding of highly endangered species is to their future. I can't tell you how
important these international Species Survival Programs are and how proud I am that your zoo takes
part in several of them. With the arrival of new animals I look forward to seeing these important babies  born here as we again take our place on the global stage.  

I can't tell you how nice it is to once again look out my window and see Rory and Rosa the two Damara Zebra outside in their area. They have gotten use to my being on the back deck at night and look up to see what I am up to. It's a great way to do a little research on their movements and how they are getting along and at the same time gives me great pleasure to be able to watch them without any interference. I am happy to say they are very good at going into their building  on their own at night and seem very comfortable with being in their building. That is a major first step as it is imperative that they know enough to go in to shelter (where there is radiant heat as well) to their being able to cope with different weather in our area. Rosa, though the youngest and so much smaller than Rory, sure has a mind of her own and it may take some time and perhaps maturity for her to settle into being an adult female. I think right now we have a teenager that is prone to want things her own way whether it is best for her or not. I think Rory will have his hands full with this feisty girl.

We are hoping to put the Black Spider Monkeys together as early as tomorrow. The two can see each other right now and are very aware that each is there so it should be interesting to see how their introductions work out. Work on expanding their area to include two enclosures is going well and is being done by the zoo staff. I hope to have pictures of introducing them for my next blog so watch for them. This is an exciting time and you never know how these introductions will go but I have the feeling that these two are going to get along just fine. There may be a few bumps along the way but I can almost see them together in my mind and if all goes well perhaps babies in the near future.

In the meantime please come out and visit us and welcome the new arrivals, we are having some great weather but as we all know that can quickly change. Hope everyone enjoys a safe and enjoyable long weekend and please think of our veterans.

This is the end of my blog from the zoo for today, I will be back to update you on how things are progressing.

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