Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boy meets Girl - Black Handed Spider Monkeys

Hi there, if you click the link below you can see a video of our 1st. meeting. I knew that something exciting was going to happen today because they hung Christmas decorations in the primate house..... As you may notice I was a bit excited at the beginning - if this link does not work just go to our website at and click on the FaceBook logo and it will take you to the animals FaceBook Page and you can see the video there..... Is it a beginning of a beautiful romance, you'll have to wait to find out

Today we introduced our male and female Black Handed Spider Monkeys to each other for the first time, it seems all went well. Maggie (named after our sponsor Maggie Zed) our female almost had to take the first step after a lot of posturing by the male (newly named Spartan after our sponsor Spartan
Sports Ltd. in California). Now we will wait and watch to make sure they are getting along and if all goes well we can hope for babies in the future. We are so excited by the arrival of new animals and these two beautiful species are the last to be introduced. Having breeding animals back in the zoo brings us new vigor and enthusiasm and we hope that you feel the same. Working in a registered nonprofit charitable organization can be difficult and it is through the generosity of donors and sponsors that we can continue to carry out our work to educate the public, do behavioural studies, work in conservation and create a learning recreational experience for all. So if you would like to make a donation just give me an email and make Christmas a happy one for these two wonderful animals and make a difference in all the lives of the animals that call Cherry Brook Zoo home.

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Lynda said...

I cannot tell you how important breeding of this primate species is to the conservation of their species. This is just one of the many Species Survival Programs that our Zoo take part in. Please excuse my plug for a donation but without support and the generousity of people like you we could not work in global conservation programs.