Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How the New Animals Came to Cherry Brook Zoo

Meet Rosa
and here's Rory

There is always a story behind a story so I thought I would tell you how the new animals finally came home to Cherry Brook Zoo in Saint John, NB. We always have an animal wants list and try to find the right ones to bring to our zoo. To be quite truthful if not for the kindness and support of many people we would not have been able to bring this about. The Damara Zebra (one of the rarer of the zebra species)were sponsored by a donation through lawyer Michael McCluskey through the estate of Rosa London so of course the female is named Rosa; then Rory Grant stepped in and added his donation, so of course the male is named Rory and we think Rory and Rosa are wonderful names for them. The Nilgai were sponsored by two bequests one from the Rev. Royden Ferris and another from Marie Annette Barton so their names are Ferris and Marie (we call her Sweet Marie). Another donation from Maggie Zed and along came a female Black Spider Monkey and a trade with another zoo brought in her mate who has not been named yet. These are the most costly of the animals we brought in so if there is a sponsor or corporation out there who would like their names on one of the remaining animals: the male Black Spider Monkey, a male Mouflon Sheep and his two female companions just let us know. The two  male Callimico goldhi monkeys (sent to us from Granby Zoo in Quebec) are a part of an international Species Survival Program and are the rarest of the rare in primates, they are so highly endangered that Jack Hannah said that they are rarer than a Rembrandt. These two males selected by an international commission to come to our zoo to become mates to our own April who was born here and will be a second generation of breeding of these beautiful little black primates. Naming rights are available for them as well.
Leaving us were Lucas the Black Handed Spider Monkey who went to Jungle Cat World to be placed with two females and from all accounts is settled in and very happy with his new situation. Charlie the male Callimico goeldi monkey born at our zoo, April's brother, was also sent to Jungle Cat World and is now with a female. Last but not least Outlaw our male DeBrazza has gone on to Elmvale Zoo where he will be found a mate which we had not been able to do. So as you can see there was a lot of moving animals around, getting all their records and information sent out even what their favourite treats are and, what enclosure furniture they like best (including their favourite play things).
The zoo had to cover costs of all the transport of these animals from three different zoos both ones that we sent animals to and zoos that the animals came from as well as any shortfall on purchases but we brought in eleven animals to add to our family and breeding animals which is very exciting for us. Without the support of all those people named above we would not have been able to make all these changes and are extremely grateful for their part in bringing these animals to your zoo.
Will keep you updated on how they are doing soon, that's all for now.

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