Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Animals Are Out and About!

Black Handed Spider Monkey left top, below Male and Female Mouflon Sheep and a male Nilgai below... these

pictures do not capture the beauty of these animals!

What a crazy day it was yesterday but today for the first time in a long time I look out my window and see zebra out in the field calmly eating grass and wandering around their new home, yes Rosa and Rory are here and getting settled, I am sure that the people they are named after will be proud. The little female has some small cuts and scratches on her face from kicking and pushing her way to our zoo and last night she broke down the door between her and the male. We decided we had better let them outside this morning and the fear is that they will run like crazy and break their necks, but thankfully everything went fine. Rory is quite a bit bigger than Rosa but he is a pretty calm guy, Rosa on the other hand has a mind of her own. Who would have thought it would be the small female to cause all the uproar.
The Nilgai are only a year old but very calm and easy going (so far) and seem quite content out in their area, the pictures we had seen do not do them justice, they are beautiful and a wonderful addition to the zoo, I think Ferris and Marie are a great tribute to those who supported the zoo with their bequests. We introduced the two male Callimico to April and she has accepted them without any problem, last night they were huddled together with their arms around each other. We let the female Mouflon out first and they were running together with our older female and today the male joined them and they are all running around the enclosure together, we were concerned that the older female may be picked on by the new ones but they are all getting along just fine. The male and female Spider Monkeys are still separated and it will take some time to enlarge one of the smaller and larger enclosures for them and get them together. The male went into the chute area with no problem and that is big issue as we have to be able to get them into the chute so that their area can be cleaned. It won’t take long before the female is doing the same, I think Maggie you will be happy when you see your namesake.
Arranging and transporting all these animals and then transferring out Outlaw the DeBrazza, Lucas the Spider Monkey and Charlie the Callimico made for a difficult journey for the transporter. he had to go to three different zoos to collect the animals coming to us and then transfer the three outgoing animals as well. Add to that he was dropping off other animals to other zoos and picking up animals on his way back means it depends on all those other zoos to be ready and able to unload and load their animals with safety. Time is also of the essence as all of us are waiting for him to arrive and trying to stick to a schedule for him depends on all those zoos and the cooperation of the animals. Brian is one of the few who not only delivers but helps with the unloading and loading and I can tell you that our little female zebra did not want to cooperate.
Breeding animals at the Cherry Brook Zoo, it has been a long time coming and who know what next spring will bring, we no longer have empty enclosures, we have young animals that will produce babies in the future and it brings a sense of newness to our zoo. The staff are excited and motivated and I am sure that the public will get a new sense of a zoo that is progressing instead of one that has empty areas and old animals.
Will keep you updated on how things are going...

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