Thursday, November 3, 2011


(the female zebra who gave us such a hard time, she may be small but she has a mind of her own)

The new animals arrived late last night and were left in the trailer until this morning in the upper parking lot beside where we live. Len lent Brian (the transporter) his truck to go to a hotel for the night. What a racket all night long with those animals kicking and banging the sides
of the metal trailer in the upper parking lot, like babies as soon as the movement stops they do't like it. So not much sleep was gotten here LOL. Poor Bane (our Boxer) kept running to the window and to the door thinking he had to protect us against what he didn’t know.

The animals were unloaded this morning and all went fairly well, the female zebra (she’s only two years old) really did not want to leave the trailer and after a battle she finally went into the building, the male (who is five)just went right in without too much trouble. We will have to keep a close eye on them until the female is her full size. We thought the Nilgai would be the ones to give us a problem but they were no trouble at all and you really have to see them
to see how beautiful they really are. They are both only 1 year old so we will have to be careful of the cold with them. Right now they are out in their enclosure but the zebra are locked in their building to settle down. The Mouflon Sheep were carried up to their enclosure and are also in their building so that they can settle down for today. The new Spider Monkeys are gorgeous and until we can fix their enclosure they are separate , the female is fairly quiet but the male was not happy at all with alarm calls ringing all around the zoo. The two Callimico males have been taken down to the primate house but have not been introduced to April yet, that will take time.
It was an interesting time switching animals around but Lucas the Spider Monkey and Charlie the Callimico are now on their way to Jungle Cat World in Orono, Ontario and Outlaw the DeBrazza is on his way to Elmvale Zoo in Ontario.

One of our Zookeepers said "It is just like Christmas" and it really is!
Now we begin the work of changing the primate house to enlarge the Spider Monkey area and start introducing the animals to each other. Time and patience and with luck maybe some babies in the spring. As hard as it is to say goodbye to those who move on to new lives in other zoos it is exciting to have new animals at the zoo. I hope tomorrow we can let the media know about the new arrivals – they are just too stressed today. Will keep you updated on how things are progressing

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