Monday, February 13, 2012

Feeling the Love

Love is in the air

Cherry Brook Zoo helps visitors and people find true love

Saint John, NB – As hopeless romantics scour local florists and chocolate shops for the perfect gift to show their valentine they care, Cherry Brook Zoo has a different kind of love in mind. Inspiring people of every age to nurture their love of animals and make a meaningful connection with nature is at the heart of a modern zoo’s mission.

It’s no secret that most visitors come to the zoo for a day of fun, but looking at animals “just for fun” simply isn’t enough, so educators spend a lot of time and energy making sure every visit is meaningful.

“From informal talks with our zookeepers to structured tours and programs – all of our education activities are based on helping visitors connect with live animals – everything from donkeys to tigers,”  “Once they’re hooked we take it a step further and try to get them inspired to do what they can to help protect the animals they care about.”

Feeling the love (click to enlarge photo)

This week the Cherry Brook Zoo felt the love carried across the miles from  
Lena Locke and her staff at Spartan Sports Ltd, in Redding, California.

They really fell for Spartan (our Black Spider Monkey.) The    picture here is the card they sent from the Spartan Sport Fan Club USA and have become major corporate sponsors of the Cherry Brook Zoo to help care for their new friend. Lena Locke, Owner of Spartan Sports Ltd. said " Each employee has a picture of Spartan at their work areas and our company has adopted him as our mascot. Everyone is
so interested they formed the Spartan Fan Club USA. 

Other corporations and businesses need to step up and support this facility; we did our research before deciding on what organization we wanted to work with and thank the Cherry Brook Zoo for proving each month that we put our money in the right spot.

" You can see the difference this has made in our employees as they are working for a cause that is
important to them and for our company; it has increased production and created a work force that has become more enthusiastic and team orientated. " You can really see the personal connection they have
made with this animal and want to know how their Spartan is doing."

Everyone at the Cherry Brook Zoo would like to thank Spartan Sports Ltd. and their employees for this wonderful card. It means a lot to everyone from the Staff, Board Members and Volunteers. To know you not only contribute financially but have forged a meaningful relationship with everyone, including the animals at the Cherry Brook Zoo.

Celebrate Valentines Day by Feeling the Love for the animals that call Cherry Brook Zoo their home.
The zoo is a registered incorporated nonprofit charitable organization working with exotic and endangered species. Maybe like Spartan Sports Ltd. your company can see the difference corporate sponsorship can
make in your employees lives!

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