Friday, March 2, 2012

Late Winter Snows at the Zoo

It is now March and the snow falls through the night, in the morning everything looks bright and clean. We know it is just a cover and that animal enclosures must be cleaned. What seems funny to me is how some of the anmals react to a new snowfall. I know my Boxer Bane loves it when there is fresh snow and like a kid he seems to want to be the first one to put his prints in it. But he isn't the only one here at the zoo that loves a beautiful sunny day afer a snowfall. It is without question that the Tigers love it, well Nyla the young female does and as you can see from the pictures it is pure happiness as she plays in the snow. Now look at the other pictures there, not what you expected? The zebra were full of energy and were kicking up their heels when I grabbed these quick shots from the balcony of my home that looks down onto their enclosure. Their expression of pure happiness made me grab my camera and try to catch some of thier antics. I know most of you don't think of zebra and snow so I thought a pictures is worth a thousand words.
let's go

now it's a race

the male in the lead

he's past the tree

photo finish 

male takes the race

but Rory  keeps going and Rosa has had enough

past the tree again, just loving his run in th snow
just resting and loving the snow

think I'll roll around

this seems comfy think I'll have a nap

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