Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Beginning of our 40th. Anniversary Year

This year we celebrate our 40th. Anniversary at the Cherry Brook Zoo. So far the year has started out with challenges and disappointment. But in a short time I am made to realize that sometimes good things come from bad and despite having to make some very difficult decisions this next year to maintain our operational costs we can and will make this year one of triumph.

The new year came in with ice storms and snow and howling winds that cracked trees like toothpicks leaving behind a trail of destruction. The zoo has been closed since Christmas Day to work on cleanup and hope the several inches of ice on our pathways would give way to milder temperatures. The snapped branches hanging overhead are slowly being cleared away and soon we will be open again. Our beautiful tree planted in the zebra enclosure that my husband Len and I planted in 1979 stands it testament to the strength of mother nature with large branches hanging like broken twigs. This is a tree that I have looked out every morning to see its beauty with the zebra taking shade under and have watched  it grow for the last  35 years.

When we finally accept we can move on we wake up after a major rain and wind storm to find our beautiful sign at the entrance to the zoo has been destroyed by vandals. So it's just a sign you think? It was so much more than that; it was a tribute to the new Millennium put up in the year 2000 and was truly a work of art. It is a sign that we were proud of and that many people stood before and had their picture taken and  to lose it in this way just seemed to be the last straw in facing the challenges we have beginning our 40th. year. We have given up so much to ensure that the Cherry Brook Zoo continues into the future you begin to think maybe it is time you just give up. But that is not the case and once again our passion is renewed by the people. The many Face Book comments of support and the tangible support of local merchants who have once again restored our belief in this special place that we share with the animals that call Cherry Brook Zoo home.

It may have been just a sign but it has been the catalyst that strengthens our resolve to not only go on but to know we are not alone and that you truly care. Yes we need the financial support but to know that the Cherry Brook Zoo is not only wanted but cared about means so much. So you see words of support can and so make a difference and your words of support have made the challenges ahead that much easier to face. Two small words that convey so much "Thank You".

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