Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Earth Day is Everyday at the Cherry Brook Zoo

The Cherry Brook Zoo works with some of the most highly endangered species in the world in conjunction with International Species Survival Programs. Karma our young female Siberian Tiger represents a founders bloodline and is a third generation tiger. Her grandmother Pam and her father Baikal both lived at the Cherry Brook Zoo. Pam died at the very senior age of 25 years old and her son Baikal was transferred to the Assinboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg where he mated and produced a litter and Karma his daughter came to in October of 2013. Baikal recently celebrated his 20th. birthday in Winnipeg. The little black monkeys known as Callimico goeldii   that you see here at the Cherry Brook Zoo are the rarest of the rare and are also a part of an International Species Survival Program (what we call SSP's). We hope to have breeding in the future to add to a captive population that helps to conserve these highly endangered primates. We were part of a small group that brought this SSP to Canada for the first time and have seen success in breeding and have sent offspring off to other zoos to expand this important SSP for their future may lay in our hands. We work with many other SSP's and also those animals that are considered threatened or vulnerable.

So come and celebrate Earth Day with us and show your support for a facility where everyday is Earth Day.

Your Support = Their Survival 

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