Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurricane Arthur and the Cherry Brook Zoo

First of all ” Yes the zoo  is open” as we quickly worked to clear pathways of fallen trees and branches but you still have to watch your step as you go through. What a night last night when Arthur decided to visit the Zoo. No power so no computer and we  watched our giant old growth trees sway further than I have ever seen them before just waiting for them to go beyond bending to crashing down. Torrential rain and sustained high winds did lots of damage in the zoo with flooding and broken trees that have stood for so many years crashing down across pathways and onto animal fencing. Don’t panic the animals are all safe and sound as we followed our protocol and a lock down was put in place. Today they are out checking out the difference in their homes as the sound of chainsaws echoes throughout the zoo. I just wish the television Weather Channel would get it right as I checked on my phone and according to them Saint John. NB was having showers and winds gusting up to 35 mph… I think if we look around we could tell them differently. These are just some of the pictures of damage in the zoo - 

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